Diamond Activity

What things are standing in your way?


What is one thing you could do today to move you closer to getting what you want?

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What do you want more of in life?

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What are the negative aspects of your life? Would life be better if you made them positive?

When was the last time you asked yourself what YOU really want from life?

What does the perfect world look like from your eyes?

Are you financially at peace?

What do you need to do to look after your financial future?

What are you most afraid of not doing this lifetime?

What are the legacies you would like to leave in this world?

What is your perception of your reputation?

What do you think other people’s perception is of you?

What do you do to self-sabotage your life?

What issues are you unwilling to let go of? Why? What is your payoff?

What assumptions do you make in life? Have they got you in trouble before?

Where do you limit yourself in life?

Is there anything you are afraid of doing?

What unresolved issues do you have in life, and what would allow you to overcome them?

What would you be doing if nothing were in your way right now?