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    Sharing 32 years in business, 10,432 clients, educated 137,000 people in open speaking events, featured as a guest speaker at 2,832 events, created 432 training programs, and orchestrated 7,436 Diamond opportunities for her clients, invested in 241 projects.  As a multi Award winner including Entrepreneur of the Year, Ambassador for Australia Day Honors for the Prime Minister of Australia and nominated for Australian of the Year.

    Taking traditional writing and mentoring and merged them together, to create a 450-page book, packed with Diamond tips and Diamond QR one-tap virtual coaching to inspire each person at the start of each new chapter, in the new revolution of book reading experience.

    I Believe everyone born has won the “Cosmic Lottery” and it’s our goal in life to bring our special magic to the world.  From building Diamond Strong Foundations to Polishing your Brilliant Diamond.

    We don’t need to do this alone, the world is filled with Diamond Wings, a new and empowering way to network with mentors and be able to spread our wings to a higher platform in a world that expects more.

    Lets Shine Together.


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